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How Did We Become teamINBOUND?

From college student, to United States Marine, to landscape & irrigation contractor, to real estate broker with multiple offices, to sales & marketing consultant, to inbound team leader… our founder, Casey Stillman has a wealth of experience in sales, marketing and small business management…

  • Sold His Real Estate Franchise

    in 2007, the real estate market began to show signs of the impending doom so Casey sold his real estate offices to RE/MAX and decided to pursue a career as a management consultant

  • Landed His FIRST Consulting Client

    after a year of selling management consulting services for a large firm out of Chicago, Casey decided to return to his entrepreneurial roots!

    in the fall of 2009, Casey discovered the inbound methodology, became a HubSpot Partner and quickly landed his first consulting client

  • Joined the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network

    after getting to know the work of John Jantsch, Casey officially joined the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network in 2011 to learn more about John's concept of implementing Strategy BEFORE Tactics!



  • Developed the Inbound Coaching℠ Concept

    while delivering inbound sales & marketing services to various clients, Casey discovered the need to "teach" his clients how to utilize the inbound methodology to attract qualified prospects rather than chasing them! This led to the development of the "inbound coaching" concept


    although the "inbound coaching" concept was designed for his clients, Casey found himself being asked by other marketing agencies to train their team how to sell & deliver inbound retainer services

  • Built and Trained 5 Sales & Marketing Teams

    from 2014 through 2019, Casey assisted in building and training 5 different sales & marketing teams within various marketing agencies across the continental United States to sell and implement the inbound methodology for THEIR clients

  • Formed the Current Team of Sales & Marketing Consultants

    although his work with other marketing agencies was quite rewarding, Casey found the need to use his decade+ of experiences and built our current team of highly specialized inbound sales & marketing consultants - he calls us teamINBOUND™


    We are a dedicated team of sales & marketing consultants who help clients build stronger relationships with prospects so they can systematically grow their business and reach their goals!

    Let us show you how-to get better results from your current inbound sales & marketing efforts a little faster and more efficiently with the help of our team of experienced professionals!

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