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How Does a Strong Social Media Presence Translate to Business Growth

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Landing a sale (a lot of it!) is the ultimate end goal of any business, but it is one that requires a ton of effort in order to be accomplished.

To land a sale, marketing is needed. You have to get your name known, you have to get people interested. Draw them in, make them want what you have to offer.

You really just have to put your business out there. It’s so much like dating. If you want to meet someone, you have to put yourself out there, not back at home cozying up with a hot cup of tea while reading a book on a Saturday night.

That’s an apt way to put it, don’t you think?

Suffice to say, marketing is just putting your business or your brand where people can see it, get to know about it, and actually want it.

In this age, the internet is where people are, and social media platforms are where they spend hundreds of minutes a day either chatting with friends or family, exchanging memes, or just scrolling aimlessly in the attempt to amuse themselves.

This is now the game, one that every marketer and entrepreneur must play.

In this article, we’re going to answer most entrepreneurs’ questions regarding the importance of businesses having a social media presence in this day and age. You’ll find out exactly how does a strong social media presence fuel business growth, how to build a strong social media presence, as well as why is it important to engage with followers on social media.

Ready to soak up some new age knowledge? Let’s dive in!

How Does a Strong Social Media Presence Fuel Business Growth?

Even before the advent of the internet and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram– marketers and sales people had to find ways to reach out to possible buyers and clients. Back then the game was knocking on people’s doors, putting up gigantic billboards; airing TV, radio, and newspaper ads, and giving out pamphlets at places with plenty of footfall. These days, it’s different.

People spend more time on their screens than they do anywhere else. A lot of interaction happens within the confines of social media platforms. Having a social media presence therefore, greatly impacts the growth of your business.

Exactly how does a strong social media presence fuel business growth?

It lets you tap into a wider audience, the sort you might want and who might actually want what you have to offer. Think about it. The internet is where people are! More people have Facebook and Instagram than life insurance. The business feature of Facebook even lets you set the kind of audience you want to see your post to those whose characteristics resemble your buyer personas. These features let you choose the age, location, and even interests of your audience. Imagine being able to reach the sort of audience whose interests and characteristics make them more likely to buy your product? Pretty cool, right?

People can reach out to you as well, cultivating brand trust. Because social media platforms allow interactions between page owners and the public, every now and then you can get messages, comments, likes, and various other reactions from people who follow your brand. They would feel like they know you, and you get to know them too.

Brings you more web traffic. Whenever you post links to your blog articles, people on social media can actually like and share these content pieces, thereby increasing web traffic and your search rankings. If your search ranking is elevated, the next time another random person on the internet looks for a product like yours, guess who are they more likely to see at the top of their search?

Boosts your branding. Your voice, the sort of posts you share, the sort of people you attract– all these affect the way people perceive your brand. Do well in this aspect and you can strengthen your brand’s position in the market. That ultimately leads to more sales. Who wouldn’t like that?

How to Build a Strong Social Media Presence

Now, you’re wondering how to build a strong social media presence.

That’s not so hard, but it isn’t easy either. Here are tips on how to build a strong social media presence:

#1 Make Sure You Have a Cool Brand Logo

First things first. This is your identity. Your logo is associated with your brand. Before anything else, make sure you come up with a really cool one.

#2 Post Quality Content

You have to gauge what your target personas are, of course. If you think they’d like funny content that will relate to your product, will they want something more educational? Will videos be more effective, or infographics? You know them best, give them the quality content they are most likely to engage with.

#3 Have a Ton of Engagement Posts

You want people not just to see, read or watch what you post. You want them to get so excited by it that they’ll leave a comment, like, and even share your content to their friends and family. These interactions influence certain algorithms that get you onto more people’s pages, giving you more and more engagements.

You can have poll questions in your Instagram and Facebook Stories, you can have some sort of contest that will require them to tag their friends and share your content. There’s a lot you can do for engagement.

#4 Post Regularly, and on Hours When Your Target Audience are Most Likely Online

Not only must you curate your posts, you have to schedule them as well, and you have to post regularly. If you want to schedule your postings three times a week choose which days are best and do so.

#5 Post a Variety of Content

It is also important that you give your followers a variety of content. Have some that are informative, some that are for engagement, some that are promotional, and a few every now and then that get people laughing and liking your brand just a little bit more.

Final Take: Why is it Important to Engage with Followers on Social Media?

So, still not sure why is it important to engage with followers on social media?

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: Social Media is where people are.

You want to reach people so you can promote your brand and have a consistent flow of sales. That is key to business growth after all.

Having a strong social media presence can boost your business in more ways than you can imagine. A pandemic brought the entire world down in 2020 and yet you’ll hear of rags to riches stories of small business owners growing their business right in the eye of a pandemic.

If anything, the internet, and social media more specifically, has leveled the playing field between big corporations and small business owners who have got game.