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Small Business Growth Strategies: Researching Concepts and Build Plans

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Ever heard of the adage “Rome wasn’t built in a day”?

It is often said when talking about important undertakings that require a lot of time and commitment. The old saying is simply a testament to the fact that things that truly matter cannot be done hurriedly, or else it won’t be a success.

When thinking of starting a small business, for example, you don’t rush things. You see a demand for something in your community and an idea or a solution comes to your mind. Do you then rent a space somewhere and sell your “solution”?

Of course not.

Instead, you take your time. You think about it, imagine it, and ask friends if the idea makes sense to them. Then you study. You examine the pros and cons. You study the viability, you leave no stone unturned because this feat that you are about to undertake matters, and it matters a lot, to YOU. Of course you will give this concept, this idea, its best chances.

So you do the only thing you can do to ensure or, at the very least, heighten its chances of becoming a success: you research your business idea, and you build a business plan.

Today, we’re going to discuss why those two things are very important when starting your own small business.

Let’s dive in!

Importance of Research and Planning When Starting a Small Business

Starting a small business is an exciting time in any entrepreneur’s life. You’re about to give life to an idea.

You have done all the tossing and turning on your bed assessing its viability, you’ve already talked to friends and family and they all seem to think your business idea is going to be a big hit. So why conduct research and build a plan for your business idea? Why go through all the trouble when everybody already thinks you’re going to be a huge success?

Here are reasons why it is important to research your business idea and to build a business plan before starting your business:

To Assess Business Viability

One of the best answers to the question: “why conduct research and build a plan for your business?” that’s been bugging you for a while now (we assume!), is this. If you take the time to research your business idea before doing anything else, then you get the chance to look into its viability.

What problems in the community will your product or service solve? Who will be the audience/ target market? Between logistics and sales, where does revenue stand?

Let’s face it, you will be hounded by a lot of questions before you finally pluck up the courage to just do it. Nevertheless, it is important that before you do, you first do your research and build a business plan. It will do you nothing but good.

To Look into Possible Threats to the Business

As you research your business idea, you will be able to identify its threats. As you build a business plan, you can come up with strategies to deal with these threats, thereby giving your business idea its best chance. Another answer to the question– “why conduct research and build a plan for your business?”

Smart, right?

To Figure Out How to Market (your product or service)

As you do your research, you basically inspect everything from the budget needed to get it to take off, to the logistics and the threats, as well as the prospective customers and clientele. If you have already identified who your audience is, then you will know how to reach out to them, how to market to them.

Will word of mouth be helpful? Are your prospects young? Does that mean you’ll need a really great social media platform to let them know about you?

You will be able to determine all these when you do your research. Then based on your research, you can build a business plan to suit your findings.

To Have an Initial Record of the Variables Involved (and be able to use them in the future)

Once you have solid research, you have already begun the construction for your space, bought inventory, and opened your business to the public, you will be dealing with a lot of unforeseen scenarios. However, having the initial turn out from your study can be a good basis for you to sort through future troubles.

It might even give you an idea how to survive predicaments that you will surely encounter as you embark on your journey as a small business owner.

So there you have it. These are answers to an earlier question: why conduct research and build a plan for your business?

Research and planning on a business idea won’t just give you insights on what to expect when starting your small business. As you go further down the road and have to deal with a lot of troubles, the research and business plan you made might just give you the solution you need!